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Have you ever been on a date and just wanted to make out and nothing else? And with all these years in the dating trenches under my belt, I realized it was time for some New Rules (shout out to Bill Maher): I will no longer sleep with anyone on the first, second, or even the “magical” third date. But when you’re attracted to a new guy, and the attraction is mutual, you’ve still got to do something to release the tension.After Burak (my ex-husband), I quickly learned that holding out as long as possible allows you to become more comfortable with each other and not feel like a total slut if they bail later on in the “relationship” or courting phase. I’ve solved this sticky problem by relegating my carnal activities to varying degrees of lip locking.When you learn to embrace them, your results will dramatically shift from so-so to sensational…

I’ve gotten so good at Lip Slut-hood (or is it Lip Slut-dom?And you get to put your flirting and dating skills to the test on a consistent basis. your date’s reaction), you can tweak your behavior, minimize what doesn’t work (being too talkative, texting her too much between dates, etc.) and amplify what does (keeping her interest by being moderately available, letting her know you’re dating multiple people, etc.).Rule #2: People have shorter attention spans (in other words, learn to work it!Instead of putting all your emotional eggs in one basket, it’s time to start multi-dating. Your expectations are tempered because you’re free from the pressure of making this one date WORK.There’s comfort in knowing that if one gal gets away, another will take her place.

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If you’re currently in the midst of a serial dating binge, I highly recommend this activity.

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