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For Windows Vista, your INF file should install the unaltered core driver package from a subdirectory in your driver package.For Windows XP, the INF file should install the redistributable core driver file from your package's main directory.Although there are a large number of FOSS games available you may not be able run your favourite Windows game on Linux.There are some ways around this, such as Play on Linux, which lets you run some Windows games on Linux but the latest blockbuster games will probably not work. If you are worried about support then there is a large community of users for Linux in Australia and around the world.To simplify the downloading and installing, collections of these many software components, called "distributions", are available ready for users to download and start using straight away.

Linux Australia has a list of other local Linux user groups.When you are happy with what you see, there is normally an icon on the desktop that you can use to install the operating system onto your hard disk. You then have the option of installing it either alongside your existing operating system, or overwriting the old system with the new.Once installed, updates and bug fixes of the operating system and the software you run are easily downloaded and incorporated into your system, much the same as they were with your use of Windows XP.Over the years, Linux-based distributions have become more and more popular and any machine capable of running Windows XP is a good candidate for running a Linux distribution such as: That's just to name a few – there are many more available. mostly These package together a suite of standard programs which enable you to do the types of things you would do in Windows XP, such as search the web, send and receive emails, edit and print documents.Easy to install In the early days installing and running Linux on a computer required considerable technical abilities but over the years this has become a lot simpler.

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