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Social support and effective self-management of chronic conditions are linked with more efficient use of health professionals’ time, less severe symptoms, more confidence and self-efficacy [3–6].

Becoming competent at self-managing an illness is largely based on patients having quality information, good knowledge-processing skills and appropriate social networks [3, 4].

At 6 months follow-up (based on the moderated phase), there was a significant difference between the experimental group and the controls in terms of self-reported diet (eating bad foods less often).

This change in behaviour was not sustained during the 3-month unmoderated phase.

Use of this site is strictly subject to our current terms which may change from time to time.Health resources on the Internet are especially relevant for people with chronic conditions who may encounter barriers in obtaining information on self-management and coping strategies [8, 13, 14].Online communities can eliminate geographical barriers, allow for anonymity and supply 24-hour access to information that can help participants to feel more informed and in control [8, 15, 16].A notable limitation to studies that have examined the impact of online interventions on health is that they tend to focus on people who already have home computers and the skills to use them.E-health promotion can be particularly valuable to deprived populations because it can facilitate healthy behaviour change, increase social support and build community [3, 4, 32].

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