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I had uploaded the first episode last week and that has updated into the RSS feed and subsequently Itunes, Stitcher and my own website.

This week I signed up for Podtrac and placed the URL in the Subscriber Redirect field of the Content page in settings.

Some browsers may come equipped with an RSS reader by default, but Chrome (as an example) will need to have it installed as a separate plugin.

I have several feeds setup in the Feed Aggregator ( admin/config/services/aggregator ) in Drupal 7.

Note: If you get an error when trying to add a feed, try validating the feed at

feed/atom : this web site validate it as a valide rss feed :

In my situation I have a of feeds so it could be taking the job invoked by the cron a long time to update all of them.

This has completely removed all trace of the Podtrac from the Settings and has also not allowed the RSS feed to update.activity, accessibility, add an app, Add members, Add to Slack, administrators, all passwords, analytics, android, announcement, App Directory, app icon, Apple Watch, archive, Asana, Automation apps, Fair Billing, billing details, billing, bot user, box, browse, calls, Calls ! pc, changes, channels, channel notification, claim domains, close, compliance exports, compose, computers, connect, connected accounts, create, customize, custom SAML, custom, data exports, data security, deactivate, default channels, delete, deploy slack, desktop, direct messages, disable, discover and join, DMs, Do Not Disturb, domain, dropbox, edit, education, email address, email, emoji, emoticons, Enterprise Mobility Management, export, failed payments, faqs, finding, format, formatting, free trial, general, getting started, giphy, github integration, github organization, github, glossary, google apps, google drive, guests, highlights, import, integrations, ios, invite, JIRA, join, keyboard shortcuts, Keychain Access, keyword notifications, languages, leave, limits, links, linux, mac, manage a workspace, manage apps, manage members, mention, merge, message display, mobile, mobile push, move channels, moving workspaces, multiple, mute, nonprofits, One Drive, onboard, owners, password, permissions, phones, pin, plans, plus plan, polls, primary ownership, privacy policies, private channel, private notes and files, public channel, purpose, Quick Switcher, quote, reactivate, read, referrer information, reminder, remove, rename, retention, Request a new team, role, roles, RSS, Salesforce, SAML, SCIM, SCIM provisioning, search, send, share messages, share, shared channel, shared channels, sign in, sign out, single sign-on, Slack notifications, slack status, slackbot, slash commands, snippet, snooze, star, statistics, sync, tablets, tax, team domain, team domains, team name, team plan, team url, team urls, threads, time zone, tips, to-do lists, topic, Trello, troubleshoot, trouble receiving, twitter, two-factor authentication, updates, upgrade, upload, username, user groups, unread messages, video, voice call, voice, what is, whitelisting, windows phone, windows, working in, workspace creation requests, workspace discovery, wunderlist, zoom Tip: You could create a private channel, e.g.#my-rss, where you can add all your favorite feeds to make Slack your RSS reader of choice.Tip Keep in mind that RSS feeds require a special reader (installed on the browser) to view them correctly.Otherwise your browser may display the RSS in its native XML readout.

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