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This works perfectly if an individual generates a calendar request in the resource calendar.However, if they invite the Room Resource to an existing meeting request / appointment in their own calendar - I receive an email explicitly stating that "this in-policy resource request was forwarded to you for your approval" but the "Accept" and "Reject" buttons are not shown, only the "No Response Required".By default, all-day events appear as "Free" and new appointments appear as "Busy" on your calendar. Click the "Recurrence" button in the Options group of the Appointment ribbon, and then configure the recurrence schedule if you would like your appointment to repeat in a series. Click the "Invite Attendees" button in the Attendees group of the Appointment ribbon to change the appointment to a meeting.For example, click the radio button next to "Monthly," enter "1" into the field next to "Day" and then enter "2" into the field next to "Of Every" to configure a bi-monthly recurring appointment. Enter the email addresses for any attendees you wish to receive the meeting request.

Since the room is automatically approving requests, there may be a settings conflict.

Verify what version of Outlook the user is using and whether or not they are updated with the latest outlook client patches.

My personal experience is keeping desktop users configured from non-cached mode.

My thinking is that the user, by creating the request in their own calendar, has automatically accepted the request.

By updating their own request to include the resource, Exchange / Office 365 is not creating a new approve-able request in the resource calendar, which would subsequently create the approval email, but it simply updates their request which cannot be approved from the resource calendar.

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