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I think it helps to know that recovery is possible and it’s something that is so important to certain people like myself," the "Sorry Not Sorry" songstress said in an interview. Not only did he share a screenshot from when he was jamming out to "The Climb", but he did the same thing when "Malibu" came out.It was slightly forced and awkward – but like, they did put forth the effort.After his semi-incestuous comment, he added, "I'd prefer to spend life with her, as opposed to the others." In October, Nick was spotted sneaking into a party that Demi was throwing, and, coincidentally, his rumored love interest at the time, Kate Hudson, was also in attendance.

He's also stayed pals with his brother Joe's ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato.

A few of 'em dated, some had headline-making feuds – heck, the Jonas Brothers even broke up, despite being heavily supported by millions of fans (yeah, we're still a bit bitter).

Now, Miley was the first to enter the spotlight – and the Jonas Brothers came soon after.

The Hannah Montana star said they were 'just really good buds' and refused to confirm rumours that they were anything more than friends.

But now, in a magazine interview, Miley has finally come clean and admitted she and Nick became boyfriend and girlfriend the day they met.'He was on a quest to meet me, and he was like "I think you're beautiful and I really like you".''And I was like "Oh my gosh, I like you so much".'Nick and I loved each other.

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"He was on a quest to meet me, and he was like, 'I think you're beautiful and I really like you.' And I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, I like you so much.'" Until this point, the 15-year-old pop star told reporters that she and the Jonas Brothers guitarist were just good friends. Gomez, dubbed "The Next Miley Cyrus," and her pal Demi Lovato were mocked in a recent You Tube video by Cyrus.

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