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As Visitors returned, enjoying the company , soon came those, we have loved and lost, giving messages from beyond,,,, surprising even me Guides, and Angles, the Spirits link Present with Past.

Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess" (Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)All Staff, Members, Guests and Contributors are genuine and operate to the highest standards!


A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal.

You will soon see you found a special place Dave Liverpool uk 15/7/03 A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal.

Listen and learn, smile & be patient Everything in its own time and place. ALL here work hard and offer their services with Integrity! Members and visitors participate in any activities with absolute freewill.

As actors we had a lot of different versions bumping around in our brains, but nothing that truly implicated anyone specifically.

then came one, then four , we'd past the 1st hurdle. ,,some asked Others gave help and counselling,,, and their love teaching and guidance,, lessons to last ,, Poetry and meditation, philosophy, all sent form above,, The days turned to weeks, to months and now its a year,,( 15 years) visitors became members to friends and more ;) All colours, creeds, faiths and beliefs join us here The Circle's Love ,,, to all,, who walk through the Door (heart)Open circle of friends, smiling, sharing.

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