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Her ethnic heritage is part Spanish and part American Indian.She gave birth to a daughter, Brooke, in June 1997.Racquel was one of those amazingly hot gals back in the day that should've been doing anything and everything that moved.As a fan to see her vanilla fuck just Derrick was sad.Truthfully, I think the hubby is the one telling her what she can and cannot do... Oh the tragedy back in the day when it was the gorgeously hot Racquel Darrian being married to Derrick Lane.

Calvert has been indicted on six felony counts in Monroe County, New York after the November 29 incident The defendant then did slam the victim against the wall and floor of kitchen, intentionally causing serious physical injury, severe facial bruising and swelling to the victim’s face to the extent of both of her eyes swollen completely shut, while telling her “I’m going to kill you.”’, the complaint reads.

The alleged attacker of Darrian Amaker, who posted a powerful video of herself singing from her hospital bed after being brutally beaten by her boyfriend, can be revealed by Daily Mail Online as Jason Calvert.

Calvert was in a ‘dating relationship’ with the victim and she went to his apartment at his request that night, according to the complaint.

Darrian pursues a parallel softcore career in magazines and videos under her real name Kelly Jackson.

Kelly was the October 1990 Penthouse Pet of the Month.

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