How to build trust in online dating

While thousands of women flip through online dating sites, wondering if the single men they are looking at are really single, there are dozens of psych researchers investigating the trust dynamics of online dating.

And while social media users scan the latest headlines, wondering which new stories are actually fake, sociologists and political scientists debate whether the Internet can support the kind of trust necessary for real political and community engagement.

Illustration: nineteenth-century acrobats swing from trapeze Source: FKJM " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" / It’s a question that comes up constantly in our digital lives, and it’s also a subject of great fascination to internet scholars in a range of fields.

While you clutch your credit card, wondering whether it’s safe to make a purchase on a new e-commerce site, business researchers are busily delving into the factors that will or won’t lead you to click the “buy” button.

Take this 1998 evaluation of trust in the virtual corporation, by Jones and Bowie : The social relationships provided by the virtual corporation are not physically or psychologically proximate enough to conclude that individual members are “embedded in a web of social relations” as required by sociological explanations for the development of trust.

That’s what’s struck me as I watched Odysseo, a horse and acrobatics show put on by the circus company Cavalia.It’s not just performers’ strength, dexterity, or courage that wows us, but the trust they place in one another.This trust is inseparable from what Francine Formaux describes as the aesthetic of risk: the circus is a form of entertainment in which risk is central.But for the most part, when we talk about trusting one another online, we’re talking about emotional vulnerability, financial risk, or perhaps, professional exposure.Yet for all that, online trust is not without significance.

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