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"Each of these individuals received full and fair immigration proceedings, after which a federal immigration judge found them ineligible for any form of relief under U. law and ordered them removed." The Minority Humanitarian Foundation, a group formed three years ago for victims of ISIS, is planning a federal lawsuit to stop any deportations.It is a nonprofit that works with the State Department to provide aid for displaced people in the Iraqi region.Since opening its doors in 1985, DHAM has built 3 million vehicles."My dad is Christian and Donald Trump is sending him back to a place that is not safe whatsoever," Cynthia Barash said, referring to the persecution of Christians in Baghdad, Mosul and across the largely Muslim nation.

"Now it's blowing up in my face."There were expressions of sharp anger toward the Trump administration. "He campaigned on helping Christians, helping the under-served, on fighting ISIS when actually his actions are emboldening ISIS.

They are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

Many faced persecution during the Saddam Hussein era, during the Iraq war and after ISIS, the Sunni terror group, seized territory in Iraq, including places with Christian heritage and population like the northern city of Mosul.

Outside an ICE office in Detroit on Sunday, dozens of nervous people congregated.

CNN affiliate WDIV interviewed two people whose husbands were detained.

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