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Of course, we fell into the family life style that most people have.

Our kids always came first and our love life was put somewhere on the back burner.

Delight in the perversion as tight first year university hunks soap each other down with massive erections during a frosh hazing.Here are a few of my previous comments: Anonymous in USA "I cannot understand why a wife would want to fuck her husband after she had just fucked another man. Fucking her husband after that seems somewhat anti-climactic to me. He's a wimp, she's a whore, they should both die of aids." Anonymous " Take pics, kick them both out, and get all your assets frozen.The woman you called your wife is now nothing more than used trash and will be used until she is a worthless used up piece of meat or worse yet totally drugged out and disease infected. " It all began a number of years ago when I met my wife. I worked hard in the factory to help make a good life for us.She worked in an insurance office as a receptionist and secretary.We met after a minor car accident when I went in to see my agent and there she was at the front desk. In the beginning I wore condoms but after we became better acquainted and monogamous I started going bareback.

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) However, this is one of those times when I bet he definitely wished he’d taken that blind fold off!

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