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The Vision Statement for Central’s Session is – “By example, to lead the congregation in the way of Jesus Christ.” What Presbyterians Believe Presbyterians Are: Presbyterians Principles Presbyterians believe in a sovereign God.

Calvin, a lawyer by trade, wrote a brilliant articulation of this “reformed” faith, at age 29.There are various types of church government, such as “hierarchical” – the Roman Catholic, Episcopal and Methodist churches; “congregational” – Baptist and Congregational churches; and “representative” – Presbyterian Churches.The Presbyterian Church is a representative form of church government in which the congregation elects church officers to lead the congregation.Predestination states, simply put, that God chooses us first before we ever even think about responding to God.God’s choice and our response complete our salvation.

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John Calvin believed the greatest danger was idolatry, the pursuit of, longing for, and trust in things and persons in place of God.

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  1. Nisam laka ženska koja će se kresnuti sa frajerom posle prvog sastanka, ali ga već nakon drugog primam sve u šesnaest 🙂 Nije lako sa mnom, odmah da vam kažem, zahtevna sam što se seksa tiče i zato molim mekušce i impotentne muškarce da mi ne pišu.