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Seven months earlier, Mildred’s daughter, Angela, was raped and then set on fire while walking to a party on the outskirts of town.

Seven long months later and the town sheriff, Bill Willoughby (Woody Harrelson), has yet to have any solid leads, let alone actually make an arrest.

The relationship between Mildred and Willoughby is fascinating.

As a child, I knew many, many people like her.) Martin Mc Donagh was a playwright before winning an Oscar for his first directorial effort, a short film titled “Six Shooter.” He then received mass acclaim for his first feature film, In Bruges. It’s like Mc Donagh let all of the praise about his “witty dialogue” control his worst instincts.Frances Mc Dormand plays Mildred Hayes, a woman living in a small, hick town (as someone who grew up in a hick Missouri town, I’m allowed to say that, at least I think I am?) located in, what I assume is, from the accents, in the southern half of the state.And just when you think you know what Dixon’s possible redemption might be, you don’t know that either. He’s one of our greatest actors working today.) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is not a movie you’ll be able to figure out.I was aghast at a plot development at least three times.

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Frustrated to no end – she’s certainly not getting any help from her ex-husband (John Hawkes), who now just seems to only be interested in dating teenagers – Mildred pays to advertise on three billboards near the location of her daughter’s murder, publicly asking why Sheriff Willoughby has yet to make an arrest.

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