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A dirty hookup in the bathroom of New City Gas may be a sweet story, but you might leave the stall with more than just a sense of satisfaction.

What’s more, you know each other’s preferences and what makes each other tick. You have exams, papers, conferences and extracurriculars.

If you’re in a relationship, you have to keep your cool and turn down temptation, which can be extremely tough especially after you've had a few drinks. We all want to share our lives with someone else and there are plenty of cool experiences to be had in Montreal.It’s been said that the best partners in bed are the ones that have been in long relationships. At the end of the day, you need to get rid of your stress if you’re going to keep going.Your friends don’t want to hear it because they’re just as stressed out as you about their own problems. Rather than tearing your hair out, it’s nice to have someone you can vent to and talk out your problems. That’s just what happens when you put together a group of young, good-looking, intelligent people with alcohol available in abundance."The data set for each college included at least 2,000 singles."The results broke down members at each university by most attractive (percentage of times the singles were liked); most assertive (average number of times the single made the first move); most picky (percentage of times male or female users passed); most chatty (number of messages sent between singles); and matchmakers (percentage of members who suggest potential matches for their single friends).The University of Chicago took top spots in three categories: most chatty, with users sending nearly 20 more messages on average than those at Northwestern and UIC; most assertive, with users making the first move 14.3 times, on average, compared with Northwestern's 12.7 times and UIC's 9.5 times; and just edging out Northwestern by 2 percent in the matchmakers category."We wanted to highlight "most assertive" and "most chatty" particularly because there is a sentiment among millennials that it's just "not cool" to make the first move (especially among women) or that it's OK to ghost (end conversation or interaction without reason) on your matches." Kang says.

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"I think it is interesting to see which schools show more confidence when dating."Loyola University student Emily Morgenstern agreed with her university's top spot regarding pickiest women."As a woman who goes to Loyola, I do agree that Loyola women tend to be pickier when it comes to men because a majority of the women are focused on their schooling, future career and friends."Morgenstern and fellow student Blake Keller agreed that the student body is less chatty and less assertive.

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