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If he never used to help you out very much but is now doing favors all the time, and even offering to help without being asked—he definitely likes you.#7 He gets annoyed when you start talking about guys you like.When he’s suddenly hiding something that he used to be really forthcoming about it’s probably because of you and his feelings changing in favor of you. A guy friend is bound to give you a compliment every once in awhile, but overall, they’re going to keep them at bay because it could make the friendship weird or give you the wrong idea.If he’s freely giving you compliments left and right, it’s because he likes you and wants you to get the hint. Flirting is basically a for sure sign someone has a crush on you.

This is another huge sign your guy friend likes you.Normally, this wouldn’t have bothered him in the least.But if you notice that lately he’s been acting annoyed or even jealous when you bring up a guy you need advice about, chances are it’s because he likes you.Why guys make the best friends for girls I think every girl needs a guy friend in her life.It’s not only great to be able to get on the inside with a guy and understand how they work, but they’re protective, helpful, and ridiculously loyal, much more than girls, at least.

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There aren’t many things worse than waking up one day and wondering “does my guy friend like me?

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