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Things to notice To deal with a Russet potato, you have to say "potato backwards", while shaking the pollen off a lyceum lycanthrepus plant (which is the type of plant that Bushroot is). The soon-to-be supermarket tabloid star, surveys the wilderness for the beast-of-the-year nominee, Webfoot. But when the mad cleaning woman Ammonia Pine hoovers Hooter, Agent Gryzlikoff tries his best to do away with Darkwing.Herb, Binkie and Tank are watching "Vampire Varmits from Venus". Red taters you can reason with, but Russets, they's just plain mean. Gryzlikoff doesn't understand that Darkwing's strengths lie in his unorthodox methods and ends up becoming Ammonia's prisoner too.Later, a bruised and battered Drake Mallard arrives at the St. Things to notice Gosalyn's lullaby Close your eyes, little girl blue, Inside of you lies a rainbow. When he subjects himself to his own experiments, he becomes a half-plant, half-duck, the "Doctor Dolittle of the Plant World", and it's time to get even with his tormentors.Yellow, blue, red, blue, purple too, Blue, purple, and green, then the yellow. Things to notice Darkwing says the combination to the Darkwing Files Vault is 36R-42L, but when he looks on his foot, it says 15L-36R-62L. Reginald Bushroot works at St Carnard University, Lab 356.Fun Quotes ..a tachyo-specific device that disrupts gravitational bonds on a molecular level, and allows manipulation on a macro scale...makes things float. Darkwing Duck is gonna crunch you like a stale corn chip! Canard, and then uses the ants to haul the now-shrunk buildings back to Gooney Golf, where they become part of the course.When Darkwing discovers this, Lilliput shrinks him down to a tiny size, smaller than an ant.Instead of finding "Webfoot", the vampire potato has turned Launchpad, Herb, Binkie, and Tank into zombies.Honker and Gosalyn finally convince Darkwing that the vampire is real, but before he can kill it, Bushroot shows up to "save" his bride.

Things to notice Darkwing knows Micronesian Breath Control.The train conductor didn't start taking pictures until after they were defeated.Towards the end of the episode, the number on Taurus Bulba's prison uniform changes to 7432.Undaunted, he tries to keep going using a few inventive gadgets, but Gosalyn, Honker and Lauchpad almost get killed because of him.With Darkwing in a black funk, Gosalyn and the gang plan to nab Megavolt themselves, but get caught by Megavolt instead.

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