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Pinder Brothers was established over 100 years ago in 1877, originally manufacturing silverplated holloware which, over the years, developed into cutlery manufacturing and, more recently, pewterware manufacturing.

Pewter has come to the fore in the last 25 years due to an increased understanding of the metal by the general public and the fact that it tarnishes very much more slowly than silverplate.

The upper and lower surfaces are therefore machined off.

The slabs are then passed through banks of rolling mills, which successively reduce the thickness.

In the past, for certain items of pewter, the alloy contained a small amount of lead, which accounts for the confusion, still around today, regarding its definition and acceptance.Manufacture of Pewter is highly suitable for the manufacture of tankards, spirit flasks, presentation cups and various measures.Pinder Brothers offers a range of approximately 1,000 items of spun pewter and this is believed to be one of the largest ranges offered in the world.A large proportion is exported with Estonia becoming the 65th Pinder Brothers territory.The best selling items in the pewterware range currently are the traditional tankards but production figures show that flasks are rapidly catching up.

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Pinder Brothers are always delighted to welcome trade customers from home and abroad to their extensive showrooms and factory tour.

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