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It's a message teens have heard over and over again — especially teens who have grown up in church. But teenagers need — and deserve — more than a command that can seem impossible to them.

Finally after some time, my parents, and myself, could see a breakthrough and I was feeling different…and tired from running away.Do you know how your teen portrays herself on social media sites? With the heavy amounts of time teens spend online, whether by computer, tablet, or phone, being part of your teenager's world can help you know when to challenge her about her decisions, and guide her in a good direction.One practical tool for encouraging your teen toward a life of sexual purity is simple: a full calendar.Not only are they practicing discipline, responsibility, and community service, but they are removing themselves from the troubles that too much isolation or exclusive dating can create.Despite popular belief, teenagers actually do want to hear what adults have to say.

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Contrary to cultural belief, the purpose of sex is for the companionship, intimacy, and oneness that marriage provides.

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