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In one of the cases, an investigation was opened only after a representative of the states prisons has been the failure to provide detainees with “custody hearings.” These hearings, in which a detainee appears before a judge promptly after being arrested, are required under international law but have not—until recently—been provided to detainees in Pernambuco or most other states in Brazil.The hearings allow a judge to make an informed determination about whether a detainee should be held or released pending trial and also to examine detainees for evidence of police brutality.Prison officials either turn a blind eye or participate in the keyholders’ rackets and receive.Human Rights Watch interviewed two detainees who said they were gang raped and reported the attacks to guards who ignored them.

The state should also eliminate judicial delays that keep its cellblocks full of people who should not be there in the first place.

The extreme overcrowding and lack of sufficient staff make it impossible for prison authorities to exercise adequate official control within the prison grounds.

In response, they have adopted a practice of delegating authority to a single inmate within each pavilion—fenced-in areas within the prison walls that usually contain multiple cell blocks and more than 100 inmates.

The prisons hold more than three times as many inmates as their official capacity in conditions that are dangerous, unhealthy, and inhumane.

During visits to Pernambuco’s prisons in 2015, a researcher from Human Rights Watch entered a windowless cell without beds, in which 37 men slept on sheets on the floor.

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