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In rural areas however, these courtship rites are suffused with humour and even involve occasional acts of mutually consented violence, all part of the game, of course.They are, perhaps, personified by the figure of Pepino, an Andean version of Arlequin/Pierrot, and emblematic of Carnival in general.Similar accounts are proffered by sociologist David Mendoza and anthropologist Dr.Eveline Sigl in Eroticism, Sexuality and Dances in the Altiplano, where they argue that up to 70% of unions are created during festivities.

In their article, Sigl-Mendoza document the belief that the singing, dancing and enjoyment of the young couples boost the productivity of the crops.Come Together But how do couples find each other in the first place?Large celebrations are organised at key points during the year, in line with the agricultural cycle.The Aymara word for marriage, Jaqichasiña, literally means ‘the making of a person’.That is to say, personhood is only fully achieved with marriage.

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Courtship in the Andes may lack passion and romance, as they are commonly understood, yet this doesn’t mean it’s lacking in eroticism or humour.

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