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Assuming this isn't just coincidence, could it indicate anything?

I'm not aware of anything on my PC or network that starts or stops at 10pm.

In a previous article, I mentioned how to block the annoying popup ad that spawns whenever the free edition of Anti Vir updates.

This is an update to the previous article to make it more relevant to Anti Vir Version 9.

See if it goes back to normal in few days/weeks or after updating to Creators Update otherwise I would try again to fully remove it including chasing any checkpoint/zonealarm/kaspersky folders on the the PC. Try to set the updating frequency to default (1 hour) and see if you get the same problem. Setting the update frequency back to hourly didn't make any difference.

I have it set to update every 30 minutes, but at the moment it's showing the last update as 2 days ago (20th April, DAT version 1251248768). I've tried all the advice given to me by Zone Alarm support (resetting the database, clean uninstall and reinstall, setting public zone to medium and network to trusted) but it has made no difference. Try this: 1.) click TOOLS 2.) click Preferences 3.) click on "Reset to Default" 4.) in the window that opens, Check the Box to Also Reset AV Definition. Perhaps I'll wait to see if the Creators Update makes any difference when it arrives.

5.) Click OK and wait a few Minutes, then Reboot computer. It updated again this morning at am and now has DAT version 1251416384, but has failed since then (every 30 minutes).

If the issue persist I am afraid it would be time to look for alternatives or keep going back to support to have your ZA logs reviewed. When I get time I'll try another clean reinstall and this time leave the update frequency setting alone to see if that has any effect.

Strangely though, since the weekend it seems to have fallen back into a pattern of working fine after 10pm but not before.

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