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(4 minutes) As a boy in religious school, Shalom Auslander is informed that his name, Shalom, is one of the names of God; so he must be very careful not to take his own name in vain. Brown talks about what "thou shall not kill" means to soldiers on the battlefield.Shalom Auslander is author of producer Alex Blumberg talks to Lt. (8 minutes) In the book of Matthew, Jesus says that looking lustfully at a woman is like committing adultery in your heart.Not the original Ten Commandments, but some of the newer, lesser-known ones.There's the "Ten Commandments of Tractor Safety," the "Ten Commandments of Paris Dining," the "Miner's Ten Commandments of 1853," the "Ten Commandments of Umpiring," and the "Ten Commandments for Math Teachers"—just to name a few. Army Reserve chaplain who served two tours in Iraq.His loose, almost raunchy vocals were explosively engaging, roughing up the edges on a style of music known for its cleanliness and perfection.This fact, along with the entire group's gifted vocal abilities and willingness to defy classifications, made them visionaries among the genre.

Much of their material during their first two decades focused on classic 1950s and 1960s doo-wop, R&B, and pop music, with the occasional contemporary hit thrown in to challenge their arranging abilities.WEB EXTRA: BONUS AUDIOWe weren't able to squeeze this excellent interview into Commandment Six.You Shall Not Murder: Marine chaplain Eli Takesian—like Lyn Brown, the chaplain interviewed in this episode—was attached to a unit that saw the brutality of combat up-close, but in a different war. Takesian talked with Host Ira Glass reads from the Ten Commandments.9 "Bear no false witness nor defame Your neighbor and destroy his name, But view him in the kindest way; Speak truth in all that you say." Have mercy, Lord!10 "You shall not crave your neighbor's house Nor covet money, goods, or spouse.

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